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COVID-19 Safety Precautions for your Safety

Mouth and Nose protection (FFP2-Mask)

Since 01.07.2021 it is no longer mandatory to wear the Mouth-Nose-Protection (FFP2-Mask).

You can of course wear a mask for your additional protection.

Cancelation Conditions

We have adapted our cancellation conditions to the situation and give you the opportunity to cancel your

Autumn and Winter Holidays 2021/22, until 15 Days before Arrival free of charge (as of 14 Days before Arrival 90%)
should there be border closings, entry restrictions or travel warnings for Austria or the federal state of Tyrol,

(Only applies to direct bookings in the hotel or via our website - not for third-party providers or travel platforms)

Otherwise the Austrian hotel and contract conditions apply

Our Hint: We recommend you get travel cancellation insurance.


We have used our "compulory break" to implement all necessary and prescribed protective measures  and hygiene regulations in the hotel so that we can prepare you, as usual, an unforgettable, relaxing and culinary holiday with us.

Corona: tested, vaccinated, recovered

When entering the hotel, we ask you to show a valid proof
of a low epidemiological risk.

Tested: Negative Test result
Recovered: Separation notice
Vaccinated: fully immunized Vaccination

Furthermore, is for entering dining facilities, sport facilities as wellof leisure facilities in accommodation establishments, a valid proof of a low epidemiological risk (test, vaccination, recovery) required.

Test certificates are now only required from the age of 12
(Attention: Stricter regional regulations are possible)

As an entry requirement is valid


  • Controlled Self-test - valid for 24 Hours (digital, Self-test stations)
  • Antigen test in a Test road, Pharmacy or Doctor - valid for 48 Hours
  • PCR-Test - in a Test road - valid for 72 Hours


  • Vaccination certificate*
  • Medical Confirmation or Separation Notice to survived illness (valid for 6 months from the onset of illness)
  • Proof of neutralizing antibodies (valid for 3 months from date of issue)

Vaccination certificate* For the Vaccination certificate applies the following periods of validity:

- 22 Days after first Vaccination for 9 Months valid
(Just for Vaccines, where only one dose is necessary for full immunization as Johnson & Johnson)

- After second Vaccination for 9 Months valid (Valid 9 Months - calculate from the first vaccination)
(Just for Vaccines, where two doses are necessary for full immunization as Moderna, Biontech Pfizer, ...)

- 1 Days after first Vaccination for 9 Months valid, if a positive PCR test or positive antibody test was available at least 21 days beforehand.

Medical Confirmation or Separation Notice to survived illness (valid for 6 months from the onset of illness)


Proof of neutralizing antibodies (valid for 3 months from date of issue)

Testopportunities in Sölden


  • Pharmacy Sölden / Dr. Eva Wimmer
  • T +43 5254 2670
    MU-FR, from 04:45 p.m. Registration required due to limited test capacities
    Rapid antigen test.
    Testing is not free of charge, it will be billed directly on site.
    Price information directly from the pharmacy.

Test roads

What to do in case of Illness?

If you develop symptoms of a COVID 19 illness (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of the sense of smell and / or taste, etc.) during your stay, please call the health hotline 1450. In addition, inform the host about it. Isolate yourself through the health hotline 1450 until you have received information on how to proceed.

Our Measures for your Safety


  • Neuralgic areas, Doorknob as well as elevator
    are disinfected several times a day.

  • Limited Number in the elevator

  • Safety Plexiglass between Guest and Employee at the Reception desk

  • Online Check-In comfortable before Arrival at home

  • Pen for the Registrations sheet, Clipboard 
    are disinfected after each use

  • Keys are disinfected before they are issued

  • During your stay is at the reception a separate Slot below the keys.
    Here we disinfect your key.

  • Preferd payment by Card, The Cardterminals
    is disinfected after each use.

Rooms / Etage

  • Our Housekeeping is even more eager to clean your room
    with care, light switches, doorknobs, TV remote control, telephone
    and storage areas, etc. are disinfected daily.

  • We ask for your understanding to store your things as good as possible in your wardrobe, in order to facilitate a careful room cleaning.

  • If you don't do not wish to have room cleaning, please hang the sign provided on the door knob so that it is clearly visible.
  • No bedspreads and decorative cushions

  • We use disinfecting detergents

  • Employees use for each room a new and fresh cleaning cloths
    as well as gloves

  • Employees wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitizer in the workplace as well as it for years is already required by HACCP.

Dining Rooms / Service

  • On Arrival Day the service staff accompanies you to the table,
    we ask you to wait in front of the entrance to the dining room - 3-G's are checked

  • You receive the same table, as well as Menu card for breakfast and dinner during your stay.
    (No use of other guests)

  • For each removal of the buffet, we ask you to disinfect your hands on the Disinfection Station, Gloves are provided for on a voluntary basis

  • Additional we ask you to respect the Minimum Distance to other people.

    Only in this way is it possible for us to continue to offer our popular buffets in the usual form and abundance!

Wellness / Gym

  • We ask you to fill the Information needed when entering and leaving the wellness and fitness area
  • Limited Number in the Wellness Area and individual responsibility is requested.

  • The Key for the Gym is available at the Reception desk.

  • Disinfectants and cloths for disinfecting the equipment are available in the Gym and Wellness. We ask you to do this before and after to use every time.

  • We ask you to enter the wellness area with a bathrobe and slippers.
    Entry with street shoes and barefoot is prohibited for hygienic reasons.

Holiday Offers

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