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Hannibal - The Story of a Glacier Crossing

Sölden's Rettenbach Glacier hosts this unique avant-garde theater play describing the crossing of the Alps by the Carthaginian army on their way to Rome in a contemporary setting.

Instead of elephants the spectators will marvel at snow-grooming machines. The futurist warriors are represented by skiers, climbers and skydivers. Brave horsemen ride on their skidoos across the glacier fields while acrobatic skydivers try to hinder them on their way to the south. The show is completed by scenic light effects, music, videos and pyrotechnical shows

SAVE THE DATE - 12. April 2019


HANNIBAL and the historical background of the Second Punic War, focusing on the ancient battle between Rome and Carthage, is put on stage at an almost original site. A truly outstanding biography of a really intrepid warrior!

At 3000 meters above sea level, a myriad of poetic images will create memories staying with you forever. In the successful production of "Hannibal", taking place in the giant nature arena of Rettenbach Glacier high above Sölden, more than 500 actors and volunteers are involved, guaranteeing a truly outstanding stage play exceeding all expectations!

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